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Are you looking for Top 10 Best Bars in Fitzrovia, London in London?

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"A great bar with very good cocktails. I am no a regular :) The only negative is that the staff can be a bit grumpy at times." Which venue is this?


"Dreadful" Which venue is this?

This week's faves

  1. Heights (EH1)
  2. The Witchery (EH1)
  3. The Chanter (EH3)
  4. Elliot's (EH1)
  5. Maison Bleue (EH1)
  6. Twelve (EH1)
  7. Panda & Sons (EH2)
  8. The Pantry (EH3)
  9. Heads & Tales Bar (EH1)
  10. 110 Restaurant (EH11)

Recently viewed

  1. Cucina (EH1)
  2. La Garrigue (EH1)
  3. Channings Restaurant (EH4)
  4. Prezzo (EH1)
  5. Dirty Dick's (EH2)
  6. Indaba (EH3)
  7. Henderson's Bistro (EH2)
  8. The Outhouse (EH1)
  9. Cafe Saint Honore (EH2)
  10. Shakespeare's (EH1)

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